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January 22, 2023

Dear FCY Members and Patrons,

We are dismayed to report that four cars were broken into in our back parking lot at the Y this morning (1/22/23) between 11:43 and 11:57 am. The thieves broke the windows of these cars to get valuables that were visible.

We have video from our security cameras showing the incident, and have shared that with the Greenfield Police Department. After reviewing our video footage, the police indicated that the perpetrators are not likely from this area because of the methods used in the thefts. An officer has also spoken with the members involved.

Please protect yourself by leaving valuables at home or bringing them into the Y when you are visiting us. We have limited locks available to loan; however you are welcome to bring your own lock from home. Help protect others by reporting any suspicious behavior to the Welcome Center or to the GPD.

We are sorry to have to share this kind of information, but hopefully working together to catch the perpetrators will strengthen us as a community.

Grady Vigneau, CEO

Event: February 12, 2023  |  2 – 3:30 pm