Healthy Living Workshops

Healthy Living Workshops

Anatomy & Movement Workshops

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4/21/21 - 4/21/21

Learn Essential Anatomy To Support Healthy Daily Functions And Sustain Your Movement Practices

In these workshops we’ll engage our minds by learning about the body and then we’ll move our bodies to explore and anchor the anatomical understandings. In the first half of the workshops we will focus on basic anatomy landmarks and functions, finding them on a (virtual) anatomy model and experiencing them in ourselves with embodied anatomy. In the second half we will apply the anatomical principles in gentle movements routines. This workshop isn’t for pre-med students, it’s for anyone who wants to better know their body to prevent injuries, empower a training, or sustain healthy daily movement!

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12/26/20 4/20/21 Online / Front Desk $ 15.00$ 15.00$ 20.00$ 15.00

Available Sessions

Relaxed shoulders, Relaxed neck: Untangling your “Upper Crust” - We - 9:30 am - 1'30"