Annual Campaign

Franklin County’s future is in the hands of all our children. Our local YMCA is building out a support network to provide families with what they need to foster a bright future for every child. The power of human connection in all its glory has never been more imperative for our children, families and everyone in the community. This is why I support our Franklin County’s YMCA.
 —  Merrill Gagne, Gagne Wealth Management, Y Board Member & Donor


Whenever we see a neighbor who needs support, the Y stands ready to help with open arms and caring hearts. Join us and discover what a gift it is to give.

>> We reduce financial barriers by offering scholarships to all who wish to join our Y.

>> We continuously improve the safety, quality, and value of Camp Apex.

>> We inform, educate, support, and encourage the goals and dreams of our community members.

• 100% of your membership dollars are used to maintain our facilities and to best ensure a safe, healthy, valuable, and meaningful membership experience for you.

• 100% of charitable gifts fund membership, childcare and camp scholarships, community initiatives, and other Annual Campaign goals.

Since 1889, the Y has improved the quality of life in Franklin County by providing opportunities for our members to develop character and leadership while growing in mind, body, and spirit.

130 years later, the needs of Franklin County families are ever-increasing and we are not about to back down from our big dreams and goals to meet those needs! 

Together, we can make a difference in fulfilling our Y’s vision to Love, Serve, Care for all – while making Franklin County the best place to live!


We are here for good. We are here for you.