Community Scholarship

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Everyone Is Welcome

The YMCA welcomes all who wish to participate and believes that no one should be denied membership based on their ability to pay. Franklin County’s YMCA provides membership assistance to youth, adults, seniors, and families based on individual needs and circumstances.

Our Commitment to Franklin County

Determining financial assistance amounts is handled in a fair and consistent manner. Every YMCA member receives the same membership benefits, regardless of whether they are receiving financial assistance.

  • Those not able to pay the full fee may receive assistance based on their financial ability. The Y Community Scholarship reduces membership and/or program fees; it does not eliminate them.
  • Financial Assistance is granted for a specific timeframe, one year. The YMCA requests that applicants reapply annually, with updated documentation. If you do not reapply at the time requested, your financial assistance will expire.

The Y welcomes all people to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, background, or income has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. The Y’s Community Scholarship is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford a Y membership.

Parents/guardians applying for assistance with Summer Camp must remain an active Y member throughout the weeks enrolled. Financial Assistance cannot be made retro-active or used for any outstanding balance due. It is only valid from the date approved.

Applying is simple. Gather all required documents and bring them to the Welcome Center at 451 Main Street along with your $10 filing fee and completed application. The application can be printed (above link) or a paper copy can be obtained at the Welcome Center. 

  •  Proof of income for the past 30 days
    – Consecutive Pay Stubs for each wage earner OR a letter of employment specifying gross salary, signed and dated by employer on company letterhead;
    – Unemployment Statement, Retirement/Pension Statement, Social Security Administration Letter, TANF (TAFDC) Statement (including SNAP benefit statement), Foster Care Subsidiary Letter, Child Support, Alimony
    – Any other additional income
  • 1040 Federal Tax Return (no W2) OR Non-Filing Form OR Schedule C, Profit & Loss, if self-employed.
  • $10 filing fee. 
  • Signed application filled out completely

    * If you need a copy of your federal income taxes for verification go to If you are unemployed, draw social security, or a full-time student, please provide a summary of your unemployment benefits, SSI paperwork, or financial aid benefits and student schedule.

  • You will receive a letter or email within 1-2 weeks with notification of acceptance or denial.
  • Take the letter to the Welcome Center to start your membership along with photo ID and payment information for membership.

Missing information or incomplete applications will result in a delay of processing time.

No. Scholarship cannot be made retro-active or used for any outstanding balance due. It is only valid from the date approved and will remain active for 12 months. 

Community Scholarship is granted in 12-month increments and MUST be renewed in order to maintain and keep application information up-to-date. If member is on monthly draft and does not renew, the membership will revert to the full rate. Fees are subject to increase upon renewal.

At least a month prior to when your scholarship expires, you will receive notification that it is time to renew via email or traditional mail. In our communication, there will be an application available for renewal.

Our Community Scholarship enables all individuals and families to become active Y members and participants at a rate that fits their budgets. This is possible thanks to the many generous donors who support the YMCA’s Annual Campaign —100% of donations made to the Y help support kids, adults, and families in our communities.

Contact Wanda Pyfrom at 413-773-3646 ext 434 or email [email protected].