Board of Directors

Don Simms, Board President
Dr. Joseph Viadero, 1st Vice President
Charlie Blanker, 2nd Vice President
David Donoghue, Treasurer
Philicia Howland, Asst. Treasurer
Lisa Alber
Nancy Alexander
Alison Berglund Poggi
Amy Bowse
John Cormican
Linda Dagilus
Danny Deane
Emma Ellsworth
Merrill Gagne
Tim Grader
Judy Raper
Kelly Whitaker
William Blanker 
Walter Boyd
Mark Donoghue
Dan Graves
Joseph Poirier
Franklin County’s Y is a charitable association dedicated to building a healthy spirit, mind, and body. We are an association of members, volunteers, contributors, and staff, always putting into practice our vision to  Love, Care, Serve. We do so by prioritizing every interpersonal experience we enjoy both within and outside our Y facilities, reaching across our county.  
Furthermore, we create programming for all ages — from pre-K to youth, teens, and adults of all ages — through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, positive youth development, community strength, and understanding. 
Y’s are for people of all faiths, races, lifestyles & life choices, interests, ages, and incomes. Franklin County’s Y is an inclusive community where you can discover and build your best version of yourself. 
We genuinely care about our members and Franklin County community. We pull together on behalf of a common cause while collaborating amongst ourselves and with other like-minded organizations to foster a better Franklin County for all.
Don Simms
Board President, Franklin County’s YMCA


Please consider donating good, clean clothing (sneakers, shoes, belts, purses, etc.) to our upcoming FREE CLOTHING STORE through Oct 3.

Come ‘shop’ our store on Tuesday, Oct 4 from 10-6 pm.
Open to the entire community.

Interested in volunteering, call the Welcome Center.