Board of Directors

Lisa Alber
Alison Berglund Poggi, 2nd Vice President
Charles Blanker
Amy Bovaird
Amy Bowse
Walter Boyd, Clerk    
A.J. Bresciano, Treasurer
John Cormican
Linda Dagilus
David Donoghue
Merrill Gagne
Maja Hussey
Andy Killeen
Pam Reipold
Jolene Renaud
Don Simms, 1st Vice President
Brian Thompson, Assistant Treasurer
Joe Viadero
William Blanker 
Walter Boyd
Mark Donoghue
Dan Graves
Joseph Poirier
Dear Franklin County’s Franklin County’s YMCA Community,
It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to serve as President of the Board of Directors for Franklin County’s Franklin County’s YMCA. I knew we would have challenges and opportunities as we welcomed our new CEO, Grady Vigneau in July of 2019, but never could have foreseen that I would take over as President of the Board during a closure due to a pandemic.
Over the past year, the YMCA has made changes under Grady’s leadership including membership structure, new software, organizational structure, and changes to the physical appearance and layout of our building. What I have learned through these changes is that we have an extremely dedicated and committed staff along with supportive membership and community volunteers.
As we maneuver our way through the new challenges we face due to Covid-19, we remain committed to our core values of healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility. We have invested in the future of your Franklin County’s YMCA by upgrading our equipment, introducing a High Intensity Training Zone, and implementing new technology.
Our youth are our future leaders, and the YMCA remains committed to offering them opportunities to develop in a safe and nurturing environment. As we move forward, the YMCA is looking to expand on our youth programs and increase our capacity in order to accommodate all children interested in our preschool, childcare programs, and summer camps.
We continue to look for ways to partner with our community businesses, educational institutions, and fellow non-profits that serve our community. Working together, we can best serve our community and its needs. We strive to be recognized as an anchor institution in Franklin County, and I personally look forward to serving our community through the YMCA.
We still have work to do in addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic. But I am confident that our staff possess the skills and acumen to adapt to evolving regulations and maintain Our Y as a community leader promoting healthy lifestyle and developing our youth, all while being socially responsible.
I am excited for the future of Your YMCA, and I am honored to serve as your President. I know that we will get through this pandemic, and that the YMCA will play a significant role in getting us through these challenging times.
Very truly,
Phelicia Howland
President, Board of Directors
Franklin County’s YMCA