Updated Guidance: Effective May 29, 2021


Based on recent CDC and Massachusetts Covid-19 re-opening guidance and recommendations, Franklin County’s YMCA has updated our guidelines and policies, effective Saturday, May 29, 2021. Below are some frequently asked questions to know upon your return.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe.

  • Members & Staff who are fully vaccinated: masks are no longer required if you are fully vaccinated. 

  • Members & Staff who are not fully vaccinated: Massachusetts Department of Public Health advises all those unvaccinated to continue to wear face-coverings while indoors.

  • Preschool Students & Staff: masks will be worn while inside the building. Masks may be removed for preschoolers when outside, while teachers will continue to wear masks outside. 

  • Guided Learning Students & Staff: masks will be worn while inside the building. The lower level bathroom will remain closed to members through June 18, 2021.

  • Campers at Camp Apex & Staff: masks can be removed while outside on the grounds. If indoors on the property, masks and social distancing will be required. 

  • We will continue to provide masks should you need one. 
  • The CDC and Massachusetts DPH recommends those that are not fully vaccinated to continue social distancing. All machines will be open and available to use – members will still be required to wipe down machines before and after use.

  • All hallways will be open and accessible to members.

  • We have removed many of the 15-minute breaks between lap swims and classes.

  • We will continue to follow CDC guidance for cleaning and hygiene protocol.
  • Please continue handwashing and using provided hand sanitizers throughout the building.
  • Members will still be required to wipe down their machines before and after use using provided wipes and Simple Green cleaning solution.
  • We will continue to clean surfaces daily.
  • Yes. We will continue to have the plastic protection barriers in place at the Welcome Center and between machines.  
  • Yes. Reservations will continue to be required for all aquatics programming and group exercise classes. We have added additional lap swim times and group ex classes to better meet our members’ needs. We will evaluate our reservation policy and update as needed.
  • Reservations can be made here, or by calling the Welcome Center at 413-773-3646. 

The following Locker Rooms are open with showers, day use lockers or rental lockers.

  • Family Locker Room For all family members, all ages.
  • Special Needs (Adaptive/ Inclusive) Locker Room All members, all ages.
  • Men’s Main (formerly Silver Locker Room) all males, all ages.
  • Women’s Main (formerly Girls’ Locker Room) all females, all ages.
  • Men’s Prime (formerly Gold Locker Room) Men only, age 19+. Steam Room is open.
  • Women’s Prime (formerly Gold Locker Room) Women only, age 19+. Sauna is open.
  • Boys’ and Women’s Locker Rooms are closed until further notice.
  • Yes. Our steam room and sauna will be open starting June 1st. Reservations will not be needed but please follow suggested limits in these areas.
  • No. The hot tub is currently undergoing repairs and we will keep you posted on an opening date. 
  • Water Bottle: Water fountains are for refilling water bottles.
  • Exercise Mats: We will not be supplying yoga, exercise mats or foam rollers, please bring your own.
  • Towel: We have suspended all towel services, including bath and workout towels. Gym wipes and paper towels are available for cleaning machines.

Entering and exiting the Y will be through both the Main Street and Hope Street entrances. All members MUST have signed waivers (provided by Redwoods Insurance) on file to enter the Y, this can be done in person at the Y the first time you return.  

If you have not visited in a while or are new to our Y, please come in for a tour. See all the upgrades we have made to our facility!

Permissions & Waivers for Primary Members
Permissions & Waivers for Additional Members

SAFETY COMES FIRST To ensure the safety of our staff, members and community, we ask that ALL members or staff who are feeling ill, have a cough or fever not enter the Y. 

FOCUS ON CLEANLINESS We are adhering to rigorous cleaning and sanitization standards in our facility. Help us stop the spread of germs by wiping down all equipment BEFORE AND AFTER use. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants are available throughout the Y for your use.  Please continue to wash your hands often. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION We want to keep our doors open for as many members as possible. We ask that all members do their part to take others health and safety seriously. Any member who fails to comply with personal safety and physical distancing policies may be asked to leave.