Special Events: Clinics, Trainings & Certs

Special Events: Clinics, Trainings & Certs

FCY offers a variety of special events for adults, kids and families. This includes one-day trainings as well as classes or specialized certifications.

Pounds for Hounds

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10/21/23 - 10/21/23

Saturday October 21, 2023
Check in at 1pm; comp begins at 1:30pm
Entry Fee: $15 all participants.
All proceeds to Franklin County Sheriffs Office Dog Shelter.

Once lifter is called to platform and weight is properly racked, they will have 90 seconds to successfully complete each attempt. Each lifter will have 3 opportunities to achieve their heaviest lift. Lifter must listen to Chief Judge’s commands. Failure follow those commands lifters attempt will not count.

• Lifter needs to bend their knees and lower the body until the top surface of the leg (upper quad at the hip joint) is lower than the top of the knee
• Lifter must have straight knees at both the beginning and end of movement.
• Lifter may not step forward or backward, or move their feet laterally while squatting. Must maintain visible control and balance.
• Lifter may not double bounce at the bottom (go up, down, then up again) and must maintain upward movement of the bar.
• Lifter must refrain from touching their elbows or arms with their legs during movement.
Judge’s Commands: Squat – Push – Rack

• In the start position, lifters head, shoulders and buttocks must make contact with the bench.
• Bar must make contact with lifters chest before pressing bar back up.
• Lifter may not have excessive arch. The amount of arch a lifter will be allowed during their attempt is equivalent to one fist.
Judge’s Commands: Start – Push – Rack

• Once lifter is set in their starting position they will be signaled to begin lift, standing with feet under the bar.
• Lifter will then attempt to stand erect with control of the bar. Once the attempt has begun the bar must maintain a consistent upward movement. At top of lift, knees and hips must be straight and shoulders back.
• Judge will then signal downward movement when bar is held motionless and the lifter is in the apparent finished position.
Judge’s Commands: Start – Down (with downward arm movement)

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8/3/23 10/21/23 Online / Front Desk $ 15.00$ 15.00$ 15.00$ 15.00

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